Yes, I believe myself to be a "netizen." I began my journey into the Internet in January of 1992 at Purdue University, through this *thing* called a haven , where I established myself as Skeeter (after the Muppet Babies' character). I met some people from the Colorado School of Mines back then, and a bunch of us used to roadtrip there seasonally. Soon after the roadtrips, when Skeeter's reputation became "less than respectable," I slipped into the persona of Pink Kitten, and hid in a channel from most everyone. The havens went through a phase of being on worldwide chat room lists, and I frequented them less and less. My roommate at the time, Mystikite, lured me to Delusions MUCK, where he created a room and home for me in his castle. Although I still go there once in a while, I have returned to my original haunts, now that the membership of anonymous users has declined. I went back to being called Skeeter, and nowadays I can be found on the Anti-Haven (very oldbie-elitist), Tsunami's Hotel California (with my very close friends), and Kazi's Illusions (which still acts as a big chat room meeting point for some reason). I use GAIM to talk with old friends and co-workers when I get the chance, but find it less personal than the havens ever were.

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