Presently, I am gearing up for my eigth summer with the Austin Summer Musical for Children. In 2003, we performed our own unique version of Alice in Wonderland, and had full houses every show. We added a dimension - literacy. There were spelling bees who appeared to Alice in her garden, and took her to Wonderland where she helped all the traditional characters learn to read. In 2004, we are doing a Fractured Fairy Tales type performance, called (ingeniously enough) "Fractured Fairies and Tales." It's actually a who-dunnit mystery involving a wolf, and a lot of traditional fairy tales in non-traditional environments. The music is very 60s (think Grease) and it is bound to be a blast! If you would like to learn more about the Austin Summer Musical for children, please go to our page.

When it comes to music - I'm an addict! I have been singing since I was three and was in a semi-professional chorus - The Louisville Chorus - from the fall of 1990 through the spring of 1996. When I am not singing, I'm probably listening to something from my eclectic (!) collection of CD's,records (yes I DO own vinyl) and tapes. I joined the Austin Civic Chorus in 1997, and sang with them through the spring of 2003, when I took time off for family.

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