Hi! You're looking at me (and and my family)- Jennifer Marr Marie Kelbaugh Bolton (whew!). Let me explain the long name, since most people haven't heard some/all of it. Jennifer is easy to figure out - Mom and Dad must have liked it. Marr is my father's father's mother's maiden name, and it seems one child in each generation of Kelbaughs has been "graced" with it (I can't wait to pass it on!) Marie is the saint's name I took when I was confirmed at 13 (Yes, confirmed - I am/was a good little girl!). Kelbaugh is my maiden name (that still sounds funny to say). Bolton is my married name (thank you Jay!).

The most recent announcement here in town is that Jay and I had a son! He's just turned a year old (on Sept 16, 2003) and is an absolute joy! He even has his own website and domain

Jay, Bill, and I live on the north side of town in Round Rock, TX , and my family resides in Louisville, Kentucky. I guess you could say I have a few "home towns" - Munster, Indiana (just southeast of Chicago), New Albany / Louisville, West Lafayette (Indiana), and now Round Rock / greater Austin.

I graduated high school from New Albany High School, in (of course) New Albany, Indiana, in 1989 (we like beer, we like wine, we're the class of '89!) It is the oldest school in the state of Indiana - and it shows it. If you've been there, you know what I mean! But, before I moved to New Albany in 1986, I went to Munster High School, in northern Indiana (go Mustangs!).

Presently, I'm staying at home wih Bill, but that doesn't mean I am JUST a stay-at-home mom. I also volunteer with the Austin Summer Musical for Children, both as a board member, and as a cast member.

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